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Wellness Examination

We encourage preventative health care based on a yearly physical exam, life-style based vaccination schedules and screening tests for parasites and diseases. Our area has a high incidence of mosquito and tick diseases, such as Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis. We strongly encourage yearly testing for these diseases and the use of a monthly heartworm preventative and a good topical preventative for fleas and ticks.

Surgery and Anesthesia

Our veterinarians can perform many different types of surgeries including spays, neuters, declaws, C-sections, soft tissue surgeries and some orthopedic and emergency surgeries. Our surgical suite is equipped with a patient warming system and the latest in anesthesia monitoring equipment. Most surgeries go home the same day after 3:00pm Our team believes in spaying and neutering all pets that will not be used for breeding. There are many health benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered. Some of these include the elimination or reduction of certain types of cancers and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.


Our practice has the ability to handle most internal medicine cases utilizing our in-house laboratory equipment including endoscopy, ultrasonography, bacteriology, radiology, blood chemistry, hematology, urinalysis and parasitology. We will refer more complicated cases to specialists if needed. We can also send in your breeding dog's hip and/or elbow x-rays for evaluation and certification by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).


We offer complete canine reproduction services, including both Artificial Insemination. Our veterinarians perform health checks on litters of puppies or kittens before they are sold. We will send home a Health Exam Certificate for each puppy or kitten we examine and can also give the first vaccination and worming medication.

Dental Care

As part of our wellness exam, we will check your pet's teeth. Our veterinarians may recommend a dental cleaning and polishing to help keep your pet's teeth and mouth healthy. We have an ultrasonic dental scaler and dental polisher to remove tartar buildup and help restore the shine to your pet's teeth. We can also apply a barrier type sealant to your pet's teeth to help slow tartar accumulation.

Urgent Care Services

We have a veterinarian on-call after hours. If urgent care services are needed, you call our regular phone number and your call is automatically forwarded to our answering service. Our answering service is not a machine! You will speak with a live person who will contact the on-call veterinarian. Our vet will then call you back and make arrangements to have your pet seen.


We have a full pharmacy, including prescription diets, to meet all of your pets health needs.

Choose Animals Inc Vet  because if your animal isn't as healthy as a horse, we'll work like a dog until the cows come home to get them purring like a kitten again! 

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Mission Statement

Our goal and policy is to treat our clients as we would treat our families, and to treat our client’s animals as though they were our own.

Our patients are the heart of our practice and the reason we are here. At all times our clients and patients will be treated with respect, dignity and compassion.

Being of service to our clients and patients is the purpose and mission of our practice.

We pledge and guarantee that we will always do our very best to serve you and to provide your animals with the care they deserve.

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